the benefits of organic exfoliators for skin care

Benefits of Organic Exfoliating Products and Why They Are Better For Your Skin

using an organic skincare facial exfoliator

Exfoliating is an important aspect of healthy skin care, and organic exfoliating products are becoming more and more popular. 

The benefits of using organic exfoliating products are numerous, from being kinder to the environment to being gentler and safer for your skin. 

Organic exfoliating products are made with all-natural ingredients, so you can be sure that you are not exposing yourself to any harsh chemicals or toxins, which often act as endocrine disruptors. 

Additionally, organic exfoliating products are gentle enough to use on all skin types, from sensitive to oily, without causing any irritation or damage. 

Organic exfoliating products are also more effective in removing dirt and dead skin cells from your skin, leaving it looking smooth and refreshed. 

Lastly, organic exfoliating products are more affordable than traditional exfoliating products, making them a great choice for those on a budget.

What is exfoliating and why is it important?

Exfoliating is the process of removing dead skin cells from the top layer of your skin. The dead skin cells can clog your pores, leading to an increased risk of blackheads and breakouts. 

Exfoliating also helps open up your pores and boosts blood circulation, which helps your skin to look clear, fresh and hydrated. 

Exfoliating is an important part of any healthy skin care routine and should be done at least two or three times per week, depending on your skin type. 

You should also use a gentle exfoliating product with a low level of exfoliating beads or granules.

Benefits of using organic exfoliating products

Organic exfoliating products are free of harmful chemicals. Traditional exfoliating products are often loaded with harsh chemicals, such as sulfates and parabens, which disrupt the endocrine system. 

These chemicals are harmful for the environment and can cause irritation on your skin. Organic exfoliating products are better for the environment and your skin, making them a more eco-friendly and chemical-free option. 

Organic exfoliating products are gentler on your skin. Traditional exfoliating products can contain strong ingredients that are too harsh for sensitive skin types, resulting in redness, dryness and irritation. 

Organic exfoliating products are gentler on your skin and safe for sensitive skin types. Organic exfoliating products are more affordable. 

Traditional exfoliating products can be quite expensive, but organic exfoliating products are more affordable and do not contain any harmful chemicals that jack up their price.

Types of organic exfoliating products

Organic cleansers

Cleansers are an important part of any skin care routine. Cleansers are designed to clean dirt and impurities from your skin. 

Organic scrubs 

Scrubs are used to exfoliate the skin, removing old and dirt dead skin cells. There are two types of scrubs — manual scrubs and electric or sonic scrubs. 

Organic face masks

Exfoliating masks are used to deep clean and hydrate your skin. These masks typically have ingredients, such as volcanic ash or clay, that are known for their exfoliating and skin-clearing properties.

Organic face washes

Some face washes are specifically designed to exfoliate your skin. These washes contain exfoliating beads or granules that help to remove dirt and impurities from your skin.

How to choose the best organic exfoliating product for your skin type

  1. If you are new to exfoliating, start with once a week or once every two weeks. After a few weeks, you can increase the frequency of exfoliating to two or three times a week depending on your skin type.
  2. Before you purchase an exfoliating product, make sure to check the ingredient list. If the ingredients are listed on the label, you should know what you are putting on your skin.
  3. Exfoliating dry skin can be more abrasive and more harmful for dry skin types. If you have dry skin, you may want to consider an exfoliating gel or cream.

Benefits of specific organic exfoliating ingredients

Glycolic acid

Glycolic acid is a naturally-occurring substance that is present in sugarcane. Glycolic acid is an effective exfoliant that can help to clear your skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and acne scarring. 

Kaolin clay

Kaolin clay is oil absorbent, and balances skin oil production which helps prevent clogging of pores and makes for the perfect ingredient in a natural skin exfoliator.

Rose hydrosol 

Anti-inflammatory organic skin care ingredient that provides deep hydration and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Bamboo powder

Gentle exfoliant on your skin that also provides a ton of antioxidant benefits.

All of these ingredients can be found in our trademark Natural Exfoliating Facial Scrub.

Tips for using organic exfoliating products effectively

  1. Always use a gentle touch when exfoliating your skin. Gently massage the product in a circular motion on your wet face. Allow the product to sit on your face for one to two minutes before washing it off.
  2. Apply a hydrating moisturizer after you exfoliate. Exfoliating can leave your skin dry, so a hydrating moisturizer can help to rehydrate your skin and keep it looking healthy and hydrated.
  3. Exfoliating once a week is the recommended frequency for most skin types. Exfoliating more than once a week may result in irritated skin.
  4. After you finish exfoliating, make sure to apply an antioxidant-rich moisturizer to help to protect your skin from free radicals.

Where to buy organic exfoliating products

You can find organic exfoliating products, such as cleansers, scrubs, face washes, and face masks, in health food stores and online at Violet Leaf Skincare. 

Our line of natural exfoliators include:

  1. Natural Exfoliating Facial Scrub
  2. Organic Matcha & Seaweed Facial Cleanser


Exfoliating is an important part of any healthy skin care routine. 

There are many benefits to using an organic exfoliating product, including being gentler on your skin, being more effective in removing dirt and dead skin cells, being more affordable, and being free of harmful chemicals. 

Organic exfoliating products are made with all-natural ingredients and can be used on all skin types, making them a great choice for those looking to cleanse their skin and reduce the appearance of dark spots and acne scarring.

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